About Us

Katie answers first graders' questions about vegetables while David cuts a kohrabi bulb open for them to taste

Team-teaching a group of first graders with slices of kohlrabi                   for those who learn by tasting

Tecolote Farm operates the longest-running CSA in Texas, and was first certified organic in 1994. We started with 16 CSA customers, and have since provided countless Central Texans with fresh, delicious vegetables – many rare, heirloom varieties not often seen in stores. Before farming near Austin, we had the pleasure of farming in the beautiful Matanuska-Susitna Valley of Alaska (long summer days! deep glacial soil!) and in central coastal California.

We grow over 150 vegetables on our organic farm near Webberville, 13 miles east of the capital. We start all of our own vegetables, including heirlooms and heritage breeds, and everything we sell is grown and harvested here, at Tecolote Farm. We systematically follow the highest possible standard of quality and freshness. Produce is available via our CSA to subscribers in the spring/summer, and from late March to early November at the downtown Austin Farmers’ Market, the Cedar Park Farmers Market or the Sunset Valley Farmers’ Market. Thanks again for your interest in local, fresh & healthy (the secret’s out: it tastes so much better!)

Back when the kids were smaller…

Supermarket produce is bred for uniformity of look, shape and size. Rarely does flavor factor in as procurement decisions are made. Luckily, there are growing numbers of folks (like you!) who care what their food tastes like. From chefs to foodies, dads to babies, people are awakening from the haze of bland, nutritionally poor food which dominated our country in the second half of the last century.

Did you know: in 1900, more than half the U.S. population lived on farms, 46 million out of the 76 million total population? By 1950, only 16 percent of the population – 23 million people – lived on farms. By 1990, there were 3.9 million people living on farms, only 1.6% of the total population. From Katie’s multi-generational roots in California citrus ranching to David’s family background in Louisiana rice farming, we are proud to represent the new face of farming!

Spring farmers markets mean tables piled high with spinach, salad mix, & root veggies







Many thanks to Twisted String for use of her yummy veggie photos!