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Kohlrabi, Carrot and Apple Slaw

A light and fresh salad adapted from Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Cooking Kohlrabi, Carrot, and Apple Slaw by Tecolote Farm 6072218 Ingredients 1 medium or 2 small kohlrabi 1 carrot – I used two, and surely more are fine 1 crisp apple, your choice For the dressing 1½ t cider vinegar 1 t olive oil 1 t coarsely chopped parsley Salt and pepper to taste Instructions Peel kohlrabi and carrots. Thinly slice, cut into matchstick pieces, or grate kohlrabi and carrots. Core the apple and cut into quarters, then matchsticks or cut into small dice. Place kohlrabi, carrots and apple into a mixing bowl, and set aside. In a small bowl whisk (or shake in small jar with lid) together remaining ingredients, for the dressing. Pour over slaw mix and toss to incorporate. Powered by Recipage

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Vegetable Potpourri Lettuce Wraps

Vegetable Potpourri Lettuce Wraps by Tecolote Farm 6072215 Ingredients Any vegetables you have laying around (mushrooms, carrots,etc.) 1 head of iceberg lettuce Teriyaki sauce Oriental dressing (optional) Garlic/seasoning (optional) 1 small lime (optional) Chinese noodles (Ramen, etc.) Instructions Cut up any veggies into bite-sized pieces and put in frying pan…crispier veggies work best. Eggplant adds a ‘meaty’ texture if you want that. Crumble a pack of noodles into the frying pan along with vegetables. Add garlic, onion, or your favorite seasoning. For the sauce, I’ve found the best combo to be teriyaki sauce and several spoonfuls of oriental dressing, but you can use just teriyaki, or soy sauce, or whatever you like. Add sauce to the pan with vegetable mix. Briefly stir-fry mixture until noodles are tender and spoon into large seperated lettuce leaves. For extra-soothing refreshment, squeeze fresh lime into mixture. Roll up the lettuce leaves and mixture like a taco, enjoy! Wonderful served cold also with the lime. Powered by Recipage

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Kale & Black Bean Salad with Beets, Pepitas and Avocado

We are excited to introduce a new staff member, Staci Brindle! She’s a nutritionist, food blogger and veggie junkie that it is as wild about local organic produce as we are. You can check out her blog, The Green Spork, but she will also be sharing some of her tasty creations here at Tecolote, like today’s recipe featuring this weeks harvest of curly kale. In addition to being a Jill-of-all-trades (including a love of farming) Staci has website and graphic skills that she’s bring to the Farm. Stay tuned for exciting changes coming to the Tecolote site and social media. Perhaps the best part is that Katie finally has some help in the office (woo hoo!) Today’s recipe is a seasonal take on a simple kale salad. This recipe explains how to ‘massage’ the dressing into kale, which is an important step. If you have never massaged kale you will find that this extra effort softens the kale and transforms it into a tender, delicate salad showstopper. It’s especially nice on a spring day enjoyed outside with a chilled glass of your favorite white wine.   Kale & Black Bean Salad with Beets, Pepitas & Avocado by The Green Spork Prep Time: 20 mins Cook Time: 0 mins 6070743 Ingredients 8 stalks of kale, washed, dried and destemmed 1 cup red cabbage thinly shredded 1 Tbls. Olive Oil or Coconut Oil 1 tsp. soy sauce 2 Tbls. raw tahini juice of 1 lemon 1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed 2 medium beets, cooked, peeled and cubed 1 avocado cubed 1/8 cup pepitas (pumpkin seeds) 1 Tbs hemp seeds, or seseme seeds Instructions In a large bowl tear the kale into bite sized pieces. Add the shredded cabbage to the bowl, and admire the beautiful color combo. Add the […]

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Turnips with Herbs

Since we rarely give vegan recipes, thought some of you might appreciate this. From a customer. Tonight I made the turnips with veggie chickun (quorn style), organic white wine, and safflower butter with a pinch of salt and green garlic. You sauté the garlic and turnips (quartered or smaller if you like) in the butter until they brown a little. Add fresh rosemary, oregano, sage, as much as you like for flavor, then add the “chickun.” Toss and cook for a few minutes on medium heat, then add the white wine and cook down until you have a nice saucy consistency.

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