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8/1/17 Our CSA season has come to an end for the 2017 season. We therefore are no longer accepting subscriptions at this time.  Please find our veggies at the farmers markets and on the menus at our restaurant partners!

What is a CSA?  

CSA = Community-Supported Agriculture. This direct farm-to-plate relationship is beneficial for the eater because of the freshness and flavors inherent when eating farm-fresh produce. CSAs help farmers because members invest in the upcoming season’s crops at a time when costs are high and income is low.

25 years of TECOLOTE FARM’s CSA! 

Tecolote Farm is the longest-running CSA in Texas, having brought the model here in the early 90s, less than a decade after its inception in the US.  We started our CSA with home delivery, and have always believed that our customers should get a great value, and not entirely take the full risk of farming with us. This commitment to abundance, diversity, quality, and taste has gained us a loyal customer base in Austin. Our reputation is based on more than 25 years of dependable customer service, outstanding vegetable quality and varieties, and a daily practice of honesty and integrity in our relationships. Our agriculture-supporting community is who we’re thinking about as we order seeds, transplant seedlings,  weed, hoe, and harvest. The level of quality we maintain is due in no small part to knowing for whom we grow, and wanting your meals to taste just as good as ours.

From the beginning, we have made a commitment to deliver the best quality veggies that we can possibly grow here in Central Texas, and get them to our community within 24 hours after they are harvested. We do not store produce for weeks ever, and not even for days. This is the shortest harvest-to-table turnaround time possible short of having your very own garden! We very proud of what we do and what we have pioneered for the Austin area. We are happy with our small scale, and fear that if we grew, we might not be able to maintain the same quality. Producing the best vegetables is not a fad for us. It is not a sideline business. It has been our sole focus for a generation. Thanks for supporting our vision,

Our CSA focuses on three values:

 Quality             Community            Variety
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