2015 CSA Sign Ups Available Now


2015 CSA Sign Ups Available Now

Happy New Year! We hope that the coming year brings you Health and Peace!

Katie and I have been marveling at the changes that have happened surrounding food here in Central Texas since we started farming here 21 years ago. When we began, the few farmers markets that existed were flooded with Mexican produce, restaurants wouldn’t even talk to local growers, and not a CSA existed in Texas or even the South. Well, we’ve come a long way. For most of us here in the Austin area, the availability of quality food is so much greater now. Of course the marketing potential for the trend has not been lost on companies both large and small, so that everywhere we turn we see a new craze. “Farm fresh” seems to apply to about anything. Whole Foods will now deliver California produce to your door, and even “local” produce often changes hands 2-3 times before it gets to the consumer.

We are starting to feel “old-fashioned” now. What we are, and have been doing for 2 decades, really seems so simple. Harvesting seasonal produce in the cool of the morning, and bringing it to people’s houses within 24 hours is what we do. We are happy with the sustainable scale at which we operate, and are given meaning by having a relationship with those who eat our food. Our goal is not to make piles of money or build a huge business. We are content with our place in the community and appreciate your making it possible to do what we do.  We hope you’ll join us for the upcoming spring and summer season!

With sincere thanks for your support,

David Pitre,  2.5.15



As always, we strive to begin deliveries the week after Spring Break & SxSW, which would be the week of March 23rd. Eastern Travis County and Bastrop County have been soaked by abundant rains lately. Those of you who follow us on social media may have seen how inundated we’ve been—to the point that we canoed across our back pasture to the neighbors’ house (Follow us at @tecolotefarm on Instagram and Twitter, and please like “Tecolote Farm” on Facebook)!! While we’re grateful for the moisture, planting has already been delayed because of it. You simply can’t make beds or do tractor work in saturated soil. This and past experience tell us we could start later, like the week of March 30th, or even April 6th if more weather ensues. Typically deliveries continue through the first week of August, but could potentially go through August 14th. Cross your fingers for that March 23rd week start date for us, please! Sunshine! No hail! Mild temperatures! We’ll update those who sign up as to the start date at least a week before deliveries begin!

  • Please let us know your renewal intentions as soon as possible. In the case of non-renewal, please advise us in order to improve our services, and allow us to better estimate space for newcomers.
  • Kindly review the subscription service agreement. You can FILL IT OUT ONLINE or print or scan it to return through email or mail. Paypal payments are available on our website also, and include the Paypal fees (about 3%).
  • First payment due ASAP. The CSA model is traditionally the support system for a farm to buy seeds, pay for labor and other expenses at a time when there is no other income.