Leek & Turnip Soup

Leek & Turnip Soup Ingredients 4-5 turnips, cut in small chunks 3 small potatoes, cut in chunks 3 leeks, white parts only 1 clove garlic,

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Turnip Puff

6 cups cubed turnips 2 T. butter 2 eggs, beaten 3 T. flour 1 T. brown sugar, packed 1 t. baking powder salt and pepper

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Turnips with Herbs

Since we rarely give vegan recipes, thought some of you might appreciate this. From a customer. Tonight I made the turnips with veggie chickun (quorn

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White Turnip Soup

from the Old Farmers’ Almanac Cookbook 4 medium-sized turnips 1 large onion 3 T. butter 3 slices bread Salt and pepper 2 egg yolks ½

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Spring Greens Pesto

CSA basketeer Christina found this cool recipe from a gluten-free slow cooking blog, and adds, “Everything  is vegan, but you can substitute parmesan for the

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