Our candle burns at both its ends…


Our candle burns at both its ends…

It’s amazing what gets done when it just has to. Farming takes up pretty much 8 days a week these days, yet there’s still college and high school applications to do for graduating 8th and 12th graders, still Slow Food happy hours to prepare, still sleep to be had when the getting’s good.

Getting into the 21st Century this spring has been keeping me busy too- what with Facebook and Twitter and this new website, I’m learning the ropes the regular way: by doing. It’s always nice to get a little help, though, so Addie Broyles’ CSA Openings article in the paperĀ  today was a pleasant surprise. It’s true that we have about 10 more spots available for this season, most of them on our Wednesday route (that’s you, South and East Austin, Travis Hts., Zilker, and Westlake!)

We’ve had an unbearably long waiting list for most of our time in Austin, and here’s why:

In today’s basket, for instance, subscribers received sweet mustard greens, escarole, turnips (the really good ones), beets, heirloom radishes, spinach, a huge bag of spring baby lettuces, a spring onion, green garlic, shallot scapes… and that was just today, their third week of deliveries. Quantities are ample, vegetables are beautiful, life is working (even if it is 8 days a week!)