Pan-Fried Squash Fritters


Pan-Fried Squash Fritters

from CSA basketeer Michelle’s  award-winning food blog,

photo by Foodie is the New Forty

I started with 2 patty pans and 2 magda squash. Shredded it up in my food processor, along with a small spring onion, also from Tecolote. Added in two eggs, a cup of shredded cheddar cheese, and a whole cup of flour. The (source) recipe calls for only 1/4 c of flour and suggests that the batter will be “almost a dry mix” at this point. But even after a full cup of flour, it wasn’t even close to being dry. So I did what most home cooks would do; I  cheerfully ignored the recipe and started frying flattened spoonfuls in a
skillet with a little peanut oil. It worked.

Katie’s note: We made these last night. Topped with sour cream and oodles
of diced garlic chives. I used about 7 squash and 4-5 eggs. Delicious!