Pioneers of CSA


Pioneers of CSA

CSA – or Community-Supported Agriculture- is a way for people to interact directly with a farm: to know their farmer, to eat food harvested

mere hours before delivery, and to secure farm viability in their community. The CSA model was introduced into the United States by Robyn Van En and Elizabeth Hendersonin 1985.  We were honored to be selected to co-teach an intensive short course on CSA with Elizabeth at the 2010 Southern SAWG’s Sustaining Family Farms Conference.  People partaking in a CSA form an agriculture-supporting community:  a community which keeps its food production local, , and delicious.

Baskets loaded up with summer tomatoes

This is a  mutually beneficial relationship between the farmer and the Tecolote Basketeers. Your early financial support allows us to buy seeds and pay workers in the winter months, and our early labor and time investment pays off in your reserved share of the harvest. Our vegetable delivery service has always grown by “word of mouth” and our customers tell so many friends about the delicious and unique vegetables delivered to them that we had a 3 to 8 year waiting list for over a decade! Happily we have increased our numbers some, due to acquiring a larger delivery van and farming new ground, and for our 2012 season, we can offer you direct entry spots without the wait.

Having brought the CSA farm-to-table model  to Texas in 1994 – just 9 years after its U.S. inception, Tecolote Farm is a pioneer for CSAs in the South.  25 years of vegetable farming experience translate into your weekly enjoyment of a diverse, healthy supply of great-tasting vegetables!  The Tecolote Farm subscription service, or CSA, started out with 16 customers our first season. Since then we have grown to 225 weekly basket deliveries, and continue to limit membership to ensure the kind of personal attention to detail that has always marked our delivery program. Ask any Tecolote Farm subscriber what is special about our CSA, and they’ll tell you it’s the incredible quality and taste of our vegetables: from the varieties chosen to the care given to optimal harvest time and post-harvest handling techniques. Freshness and integrity of service are our trademarks, and as such we have amassed a group of folks who care about quality, honesty, and service. We hope you’ll join us for the upcoming season!