Spring in full Swing


Spring in full Swing

Spring goodness is in full swing here at the farm.  We’re headed to two farmers markets this Saturday (Cedar Park and Austin Downtown) with so much goodness. Even though it would be easier to run a farm stand here on the farm, we thoroughly enjoy mixing it up at the markets and making our produce accessible to more people.

We found a Mustard green that is much sweeter than any of the American or European greens. It’s sweeter and not quite as pungent. Great flavor. Kale and Collard Greens will be in ample supply. Traditionally, a lot of these greens were a spring tonic after a winter of heavy foods (meats and cheeses). Try a white bean-sausage & kale soup. Also, try to get your hands on one of our gorgeous, huge ESCAROLE, with beautiful blanched hearts and weighing in at a few pounds each! Have you checked out our heirloom LEEKS? They’re big, blue, and beautiful this year. Several varieties of heirloom radishes will grace our tables, and both freshly-dug (not yet cured) GARLIC, and also young, no need-to-peel GREEN GARLIC. Our salad mixes are tender and come in two flavors: Euro Mix~heirloom lettuces mixed with baby Italian cutting chicory and arugula and a blend of heirloom baby lettuces. One more week til we have our baby carrots and red beets. Radicchio and kohlrabi looking good for next week.  Fennel not too far off either.