the owl through a camera lens


the owl through a camera lens

You may have noticed some changes on our site and we are excited to roll them out!
In addition to spiffin’ up the website, we have been so fortunate to partner with photographer, Keeshi Ingram, of Keeshi + Photo. She is an Austin-based photographer specializing in documentary style photography, which suits the farm perfectly. Keeshi’s talent of capturing the beauty in even the simplest of moments makes these hot & sweaty (and just a little bit shy) farmers blush.

Keeshi does an amazing job capturing every detail of Tecolote. The people. The fields. The veggies. The sunlight.

As you all know, we are passionate about local food, but also the greater meaning of  ‘local food’. Through Keeshi’s exquisite photos we hope to capture the daily operations of the farm and offer our customers a beautiful, real and look at the little farm that works so hard to bring the best quality vegetables to your kitchen.

We are grateful for the amazing work of this artist, and look forward to bringing more of Keeshi’s photos to you soon.

Check out more of Keeshi’s photos in our new Gallery!